Ode To Lord Apollo

(This poem is written about God Apollo in Greek mythology. Apollo is the God of the Sun, light, oracles, knowledge, healing, diseases, music, poetry, songs, dance, archery, herds and flocks, and protection of young. This poem is written from the view of the devotee on the Ancient Greece.)

Oh lord Apollo, charming as none can be.
With my single gaze upon thee,
I daze into a broken sleep.

Radiant and shining, which makes the sun look lame. Handsome and sharp all at the same.

Oh mighty son of the mighty Zeus, and mother Leto’s beauty does shine, from every words of wisdom. Oh Lord of Justice your grace and mercy rules our kingdoms.

Apollo of the Belvedere.jpg
Lord Apollo

Thy bow and arrows are proud beneath thy our o hands. When thy sparkling eye blinks and then flies an arrow from thy palms.
Then the prey calms, with glee, to be shot by an arrow from thee.

Thy voice is like a bell, it’s where true magic dwells, and thy magic upon our ears fell, the true jewel, as in nectar in a well.

I wonder and wonder of my path towards you,
Oh, mighty Slayer of python. Oh ruler of oracles. Kings and queen or the mighty gods, sits dazzled of thy future’s grasp. Not a psyche’s future untold by an Oracle upon thy hold.

Once I slipped, twice I fell, thanks to your faculty to heal, I will and always walk the next day, Oh Lord of healing till the world’s end, thou praise, I’ll say.

Above all protector of youth, every
misery, we cry upon you, savior, everyone do, will have to pass youth.

Oh protector of the future. I will sing thy praise till my last breath, and so will thy pride continue after my death.


Poem- The Night Time

It’s the night time, its the night time.

Wicked dark and sound of silence,

the moon arises with no guidance.

Silvery light guides our way,

till the dark turns to day.

The sound of frog’s crook and

the crackle of the raven,

proud givers of the midnight creep.

But this night is not forever,

there is a scope so endeavor.

It’s just the night time, a short night time.


Percy Jackson and the Olympians book series- Review

Hope your having a godly day, cause’ today I am going to give you a brief about the series which you might have heard many talking about, also known as the next “Harry Potter”. Its the “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” series by Rick Riordan.

It is a pentalogy which travels around a teen aged demigod (half human-half god) named Percy Jackson, son of god Poseidon and mortal Sally Jackson. The story travels around the great prophecy which is kept as a suspense until the last book. The whole set is said on the perspective of Perseus/Percy where he finds clues about the prophecy. In each book he willingly or willingly is forced to undertake quests.

Riordan illustrates this in a interesting way and the story moves in the speed of the lightning. The story has a lot of emotion, thriller, action and most importantly focuses on moral values, the mostly friendship. The story teaches us through many important choices the characters takes. The series ends with “There’s good in every one of us” as in -well no spoilers.

This is suitable for 11 and above. I am sure it is also like Harry Potter one of adult’s favorites. If you just want to pick up a good series right now, no second thought this is it. This series is followed by “Heroes of Olympus”. Will try to review it soon.

Mahatma Gandhi’s Life Inspires Me To….

When I take a look at the past behind me,

I wonder, am I worth to be in glee.

Too much struggle they have been through,

thinking whether I would have protested that way too.

The way Mahatma Gandhi’s life inspires me,

to rise the country he fought to see.

Mighty words of his did taught me,

to add some pixie-dust of equality in everyone’s dreams.

Taught me words are sharper than swords,

and to dive in the knowledge of humanity.

Following our father’s well lit path,

let’s live a life of joy and peace.

Hot Wheels – Multi loop box

Hello guys!

This article is about the Hot Wheels’ Multi Loop Box.

It is made by hot wheels mattle. It includes 4 blue tracks, 6 orange tracks, 1 launcher, 10 track connectors, 2 loop connectors,  a box to make loop and a car .  We can make 3 different types of loops . It includes  a builders guide also. This is value for money set.

The car which comes with this set has glow-able wheels. We can also attach extra tracks if needed. This set comes under the category of “Track-Builder” system.

This set cost 1,759 INR. It is a little cheaper than other sets. The quality is very strong and doesn’t breaks easily. The car which comes with this set has glow-able wheels.

I rate this set “8.5” stars. It is fun for kids 6-12 yrs.

Have fun.



Democracy is not done lazy,

by the people who are crazy.

Here people have their rights,

everyone can turn on the lights.

Freedom is not only for people who have wisdom,

it’s for everyone in random.

Democracy being a disguise,

now it is all about lies.

Who is gonna win the dice?

True love for the country?

Everything in jeopardy.

Rivers, valleys, hills and mountains.

Nothing there, close your curtains.

Sky covered with poisonous clouds,

Everything is just avowed.

I am blue, just don’t know what to do.

MLAs, MPs were one of us,

now are settled, are they still just?

So, do people change –

when responsibility, power, money given?

Black and white are colors,

none do know the real spoilers.

Love and hate are feelings,

none do know the real dealings.

Are these only the one who don’t go together?

People and government parasites,

both just the opposites.

You may be one of the above.

What do you believe in now?

What do you believe in now?

Skit based on “Jungle in Jeopardy” in “The Kaziranga Trail”

Hello friends. ‘Jungle in Jeopardy’ is a short extract from the novel “Kaziranga Trail” written by Arnup Kumar Dutta. I have rewritten it in a form of a skit which could be enjoyed by all. It is filled with humour. Enjoy.

SCENE: 1[crime spot]

Mc : Rhinoceros an animal which disturbs none, but has a dangerous enemy humans. In India kaziranga park in Assam being a habitat for rhinoceros is were poaching takes place frequently for their horns. Now we are going to present an extract from a famous novel written by Arup Kumar Dutta “The kaziranga Trials”. It is night time at kaziranga wildlife sanctuary. Every living creature is at peace, but not for long.

Poachers 1 : Ha, excellent sense of hearing and smell but couldn’t smell danger.

Poachers 2: Was tempted by the fruits. Don’t waste time.use the ropes. Pull!! It’s about 2,200 kg.

Poachers 3: Good it fell into the ditch. It would have been otherwise difficult. It can run up to 40km/hr and can swim as well.

Poachers 4: Get the doa! Get its horn it’s about 50 cm.

Poachers 5: It is sad that the Indian rhinoceros has a single horn.

SCENE 2: [forest and crime spot]

Shiva : You know how much I had to please mom for sending me today.

Its unusually quiet today dev.

Dev: Think we are heading for a storm what do you think binsu.

 Binsu:  Yes, so, dev will be our forecast master.Let us take the shorter route back. Poor daya is afraid of lighting . And also you shouldn’t have asked your mom today, MOTHERS KNOW THE BEST!!

Dev : Can you hear of an animal groaning? Sounds like its in pain.

Binsu and Shiva: Yeah, maybe we should take a look.

Binsu: Oh god !! a battered rhino fully grown one, about 2 meters tall and 4 meters long.

 Shiva: Its horns are missing.

Dev : let’s form the authorities at once! The rhino needs medical help.

SCENE 4 [kedar’s office]

MC: They head to Mr Kedar’s office the district forest officer.

Kedar: Oh gods! The boys always filled with questions. How anxious.  Anyways they are bond with nature.

Shiva: Uncle Kedar another rhino attacked by the poachers . It was a horrifying sight.

Kedar: They are attacked for their beautiful horns. Some use them to decorate their houses. Some foolish people even think it has medical properties.

MC: The officer sends some of his men to rescue the wounded rhino.

Kedar: Hi Daru another animal was poached last night, there have already been five rhino killings this year.

Daru: This is unfortunate but there is not much we can do. Rhino is an easy prey. They are solitary creatures and are active during the night.

Dev: Oh man! Are you crazy? We have got to stop the poachers.

Shiva: For once I agree with Dev. Uncle Kedar we must go back to the site and find more clues.

Binsu: Yes, in fact we remember seeing a footprint on a heap of rhino droppings. The right foot had  a missing toe. I know it’s lame, but it is counted as a clue. I am pretty sure it might help.

Daru: Well! What were you kids doing there? Did you get permission? Toe missing! Your imagination has exceeded J.K.Rowling’s.

Kedar: These kids have always loved animals. I agree we should go to the spot.

Daru:  It’s a shame. You are falling for their fancy tales. I don’t want to waste my time.

SCENE 4 [crime spot]

Binsu: Six banana leaves with remains of rice, fish and mustard curry – a favorite of our village’s people. The poachers are from here.

Shiva : Six holes on the ground this is where they must set the trap for poor rhino.

Dev: Look six earthen cups. There were six of them.

Kedar: Most people, even the educated ones throw biodegradable waste on the ground saying it will bind with the soil itself, they don’t realize how many years it will take to decompose and gives a dirty look to the are. Anyways a great work boys! I am appointing you as honorary game watchers. No one will stop you now.

SCENE 5 [bedroom]

Dev: Oh god ! what is this.

[reads the letter aloud]

Shiva : Unbelievable we all got the same message.

Binsu: There’s a mention about the missing toe. But nobody knows about it other than uncle Kedar and…

Together: DARU !!!

Shiva: ….That’s why he didn’t want us go searching for clues.

Dev: Let’s keep an eye on him.

Binsu: Ok we’ll meet near Daru’s house in ten min as super detectives. Come on children of Sherlock Holmes it’s time for action.

SCENE 6 [Daru’s house]

Binsu: Look he is leaving, keep a safe distance. Follow him, don’t let him spot us.

Dev: He is going inside a tourist lodge. Lets see who he meets here.

Shiva: We should try the window on the other side.

Bose: Not good enough, you have promised seven of these to China this month. You’ll get your money when you give me all together.

Daru: Look Mr.Bose, the security measures have been doubled. There are only about 2800 rhinos left in India. If you don’t pay me soon, I’ll sell them to someone else!

Bose: Well! I’ll complain your criminal activities to your boss.

Daru: Alright! I’ll call the meeting of the poachers tomorrow night in a deserted house in the jungle. We’ll plan another rhino poaching soon.

Dev: let’s go to uncle Kedar’s house and report this immediately.

Binsu: Uncle’s gone to Kolkata. Auntie would know when he is coming back.

SCene 8 [home]

Dev: Uncle would only return a day after. It’s hopeless. It will be too late when he comes back.we’ll have to find out what Daru is up to in our own now.

Shiva: let’s watch their meeting tomorrow night and learn their plans first.

SCENE 9[outside the meeting spot]

Binsu: Good thing we have informed auntie about this place 

Shiva: We should enter separately so that we are at least not got together. I am slightly losing hope.

Bisnu: I guess this place is safe.!!! Oh no!!!

Shiva: hmm.. Ouch

[Binsu and Shiva are caught.]

Poach 1: We have two boys and the third one should also be around here.

Dev: Thanks for rescue!! Straight to auntie’s house. We have an emergency.

Aunty: What happened Dev where are the others?

Dev: They have got Binsu and Shiva.

Telephonic conversation:  

Auntie: Kedar they have got Binsu and Shiva.

MC: She explains the situation

Kedar: Don’t worry, I’ll send my men. Just don’t panic.

SCENE 10 [Dev’s bedroom]

Dev: Binsu and Shiva! I am glad you both are safe! Oh my! What a nightmare was it! Have Bose and Daru being caught?

Binsu: Yes, thanks to your timid call and Auntie’s prompt action.

Shiva: You know how much I had to convince my mom, and make her understand the situation.

Binsu: Your mom loves you three thousand!!

Kedar: And kids bravery award has been announced for you three.

Shiva: You should totally tell that to my mother.

[Everyone in laughter]



The War For Our Rights

Lets join hands for a protest, for this we don’t need a test.

Don’t worry if it is night, but make sure your doing right.

Come on let’s begin, call the knight, lets start the fight.

To fly a kite of our own, it is still not dawn.

Swords and shields, not a toy, but is there any joy?

Isn’t monarchs known for cruelness?

but democracy, still no fairness.

Around still are cruel brothers,

why doesn’t good gathers.

these days are not too far,

lets begin the war, we all are stars.

Don’t wait to shine, to be in clouds nine,

to be in clouds nine.